The adventurous world of Dimmuborgir is a very interesting place. It is an area of amazing lava formations with trolls, churches, animals, humans, or whatever your imagination tells you.


Pillar formations in Dimmuborgir.

Dimmuborgir was formed in a big eruption in the eighteenth century. A temporary obstruction in the flow of lava led to a formation of a big lava pool on a humid ground. The water below the lava boiled and the steam burst up through the lava pool and cooled off the lava around it. When the obstruction broke and the lava pool was drained, magnificent pillar formations were left behind.


Lava formations in Dimmuborgir.

The area is well grown as the farmers in the Lake Mývatn area were forbidden to let their sheep graze there quite some time ago and it is often calm there even though it is windy in the rest of the area because the lava formations and the vegetation provides shelter from the wind.

There are various paths to be taken within the area and it is important to follow them, both because you can easily get lost and because it is important to protect the fragile lava formations.

How to get there:
Road no. 848, directly from ring road no. 1, ends in Dimmuborgir, 1,4 km.

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