In the summer of 2006 my husband and I went on a five day backpacking trip to Kringilsárrani protected area with 15 other people and two guides. This was our last chance to see this area unspoiled. The building of an enormous dam several kilometers down-stream from Kringilsárrani was already underway in order to power an aluminium smelter in Reyðarfjörður, one of the eastern fjords. The coming summer, part of the area would be under water. We wanted to explore the area in order to be able to have our own opinion about the dam project.

Kringilsárrani and Snæfell

Kringilsárrani rich of vegetation and view of Snæfell mountain.

In order to get to Kringilsárrani we had to walk up by Jökulsá á Dal glacier river and cross the Brúarjökull glacier. When we got off the glacier we arrived in a new and different world. Kringilsárrani, which is located in the middle of Iceland where the weather is cold, is a fertile paradise. There are herds of reindeers and the pink-footed goose breeds there.

Philonotis fontana

Philonotis fontana in Kringilsárrani.

Snæfell and Brúarjökull

Hiking over Brúarjökull glacier to Kringilsárrani with view of Snæfell mountain.

Unfortunately, the Kárahnjúkavirkjun dam was built and the enormous Hálslón reservoir is now located on part of Kringilsárrani.


Travelling from Kringilsárrani over Kringilsá glacier river.

Snæfell and Kringilsárrani

View of Snæfell mountain from Kringilsárrani.

How to get there:
Since the dam was built to produce the enormous reservoir it is not possible to get to Kringilsárrani except by air.

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