Látrabjarg is the westernmost part of Iceland and the largest bird cliff in Europe, 14 km long and 441 m tall. We had warned the girls that they had to be very careful when visiting Látrabjarg because of the high cliffs and the danger of falling down when being occupied with bird watching. We probably went too far with all the warnings because they almost didn’t want to go. But in the end they found it totally worth it.



The main attraction is the puffins, who pose on the edge of the cliffs as if they were eager to end up in your photo album. There are also northern gannets, guillemots, and razorbills there.

Puffin in Látrabjarg

Puffin in Látrabjarg.

The scenery at and from Látrabjarg is breathtaking. The cliffs and the ocean are loud and yet tranquil as the cliffs wriggle from the big bird colonies.


Looking down the Látrabjarg cliff.

How to get there:
Since Látrabjarg is far from inhabited area the road to there, no. 612, is not particularly good. But it is possible to drive there with a regular car.

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