We took a trip to Reykjanes peninsula on a cold, calm and sunny day in February. Reykjanes is conveniently close to Reykjavík so a day trip can easily be done and there are many interesting places to visit there.


Reykjanesviti lighthouse.

The Reykjanesviti lighthouse is situated on the southwestern tip of the Reykjanes peninsula and there are amazing views on the ocean and the small islands of Eldey and Geirfuglasker. There are big seabird colonies on the cliffs close to the lighthouse. The waves break on the high cliffs and the birds are flying between the cliffs and the sea looking for food. It is a lively place and yet calming. It is of course necessary to look out for the children and yourself on the slippery cliffs.

Reykjanesviti is the oldest lighthouse in Iceland. It was first built in 1878 but had to be rebuilt due to several earthquakes. The current one is from 1907.


Eldey island seen from Reykjanesviti lighthouse.


Reykjanesviti coastline.

How to get there:
Road no. 443 leads to Reykjanesviti. It is a gravel road but it is fine to drive.

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